Episode 12

VoV 012: Re-using VueJS Mixins and Filtering Google Map Data with Dan Pastori


May 22nd, 2018

56 mins 20 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode


  • Chris Fritz
  • Erik Hanchett
  • Divya Sasidharan
  • Joe Eames

Special Guests: Dan Pastori

In this episode of Views on Vue, the panelists discuss re-using VueJS mixins and filtering Google Map data with Dan Pastori. Dan currently is a developer working with VueJS and Laravel development. They talk about what Laravel is, why they would recommend using it in conjunction with Vue, and the role Vue can hold in a Laravel application. They also touch on why Vue became popular in the Laravel community, the direction of Laravel in the future, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Framework Summit
  • Dan intro
  • What is Laravel?
  • History of Laravel and Vue working together
  • Laracasts
  • What would you recommend about Laravel?
  • Laravel documentation
  • Laravel Elixir
  • Very minimal setup
  • VueCasts.com
  • What role does Vue have in a Laravel application?
  • What is a single-page application?
  • Building applications
  • Vue can take over everything or just certain parts depending on what you want
  • Built in Laravel tools to create API
  • Why Vue became popular in the Laravel community
  • Vue is straightforward and flexible
  • Changes coming
  • Direction or Laravel in the future
  • Hybrid single-page applications
  • And much, much more!