Episode 24

VoV 025: Gitlab's journey with Vue with Filipa Lacerda and Jacob Schatz


August 23rd, 2018

1 hr 22 mins 54 secs

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  • Chris Fritz
  • Joe Eames
  • Divya Sasidharan

Special Guests: Filipa Lacerda, Jacob Schatz, and Phil Hughes

In this episode, the Views on Vue panel talks to Filipa Lacerda, Jacob Schatz, and Phil Hughes about GitLab’s journey with Vue. Jacob started as a front-end developer at GitLab and now has joined the data science team as a staff data science engineer. Filipa has been a front-engineer and works with the CIDC and security teams at GitLab. Phil has been at GitLab for 2 ½ years and most recently has been working on the web IDE. They talk about how GitLab decided to adopt Vue, the benefits that Vue brings their company, why they decided to move away from jQuery, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Filipa, Jacob, and Phil intros
  • All work at GitLab
  • Distributed team at GitLab
  • Work with Vue
  • One team across multiple time zones
  • How did GitLab decide to adopt Vue?
  • The benefits of Vue
  • Creating a proof of concept
  • Rails previously
  • jQuery
  • Vue allows them to use much less code and be more organized
  • Vuex
  • Un-opinionated VS highly opinionated frameworks
  • Did you find Vue to be stifling in any way?
  • Could you organize ode the way you wanted to organize it?
  • Vue made their lives easier
  • Didn’t have a style guide or plan in the beginning
  • Why they moved away from jQuery
  • Performance issues and the large amount of code with jQuery
  • Node.js
  • CoffeeScript to JavaScript
  • And much, much more!