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VoV 028: “10 Things I Love About Vue with Duncan Grant”


September 11th, 2018

1 hr 7 mins 14 secs

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Special Guest: Duncan Grant

In this episode, the panel talks with Duncan Grant who is a JavaScript developer and he talks briefly about his background. Today he discusses the “Top Ten Things He Loves About Vue.” He works in Cambridge, UK and is quite involved there. You can check Duncan out through LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and other social media sites. He currently works for Cambridge Intelligence. Check out his bios to see Duncan’s latest activity!

Show Topics:

2:30 – After a certain threshold, it doesn’t matter anymore if there is a vibrant community to learn and support from one another. If there were only one mindset then we’d be in trouble.

2:50 – Duncan: Having a community to support each other is great – I agree.

3:50 – I think too many people get wrapped-up in the “newest, best” thing out there and that can get tiring.

4:32 – Should I use X over Y? If you are happy and productive then there is no reason to switch. Why do that to yourself?

5:45 – Duncan: I only have been using Vue for only 1½ year. I was reluctant to use Vue at first. He wasn’t that interested. Eventually, I did have a look because it was someone saying: “Vue is the new jQuery.” There was a very out-there-comment, and so it made my interested to check-out Vue. Some of the concepts are very reusable.

8:03 – Let’s ask a question, first – what do you NOT like about Vue?

8:15 – Duncan: It’s the lack of what Vue has to offer or not offer.

9:09 – Vue doesn’t have a lot of opinions, unlike Angular among others.

9:52 – It depends on “how you like to roll.”

11:12 – It depends on where you are coming from. Try to take an Angular project, and apply it to “x, y, and z” and it is very difficult.

11:59 – The community (Vue) is growing bigger and bigger, but the jobs aren’t quite that high. Compared to Angular and hopefully it is changing.

12:236 – There are people looking to use Vue, but they don’t feel like they need someone with a lot of Vue experience, but ideally they are looking for someone who also knows JavaScript.

13:05 – For me, Vue, feels like I can get this thing running very quickly, but you don’t’ have to take them on when you are ready. It’s a slow progressive. But for Angular you have to bite upfront a little more upfront. But when you get past that it’s about the same. I think it’s easier to slip into Vue right away.

13:51 – Duncan: I agree with that comment.

14:32 – Wait...I came into learn “x, y, and z” but I have to learn “a, b, and c...”?

15:13 – There might be a lot of things to learn at first, but once you can do it then you can configure a lot of different things.

15:38 – If you start at the COI then you’re golden.

17:18 – If you have strong opinions then that’s good for them because it’s working for them.

17:53 - Divya Sasidharan adds her comments.

19:30 – Question to Duncan about something he said in his blog (2nd paragraph). Listen to this time stamp to see what the challenge is all about!

20:05 – Duncan: It probably doesn’t and I haven’t seen any horror stories.

21:39 – Topic: Components

21:48 – Duncan: “People say developers are lazy.”

22:28 – The panel talks about how they enjoy Duncan’s points in his blog.

25:15 – Divya Sasidharan adds her comments.

26:26 – It’s a progression. You think about some sort of state (I hear this a lot in the Angular world), who has logged-in their name do I really need X program? No, not really. Create a simple class. Use the right tool for the right job.

27:17 – Topic: Patterns

28:15 – We talked about this on previous episodes. It’s difficult to manage and it can get out of hand.

29:16 – Check-out this timestamp for a recommendation from one of the panelists!

29:56 – Mid-roll Advertisement for Digital Ocean!

30:50 – Let’s talk about Duncan’s talk after your blog post. Duncan feels that the material worked well for the blog set-up, but not for an actual discussion. Duncan talks about people’s concerns and dislikes about Vue. It’s hard when someone criticizes you, because is it your actual code or is it user’s error?

32:30 – A problem like not updating when it should – Vue.delete and Vue.set.

34:47 – Do it under the hood, so people don’t have to change the way they work.

35:07 – Question for Duncan: People have said, “Vue isn’t good for using large applications.” Have you heard this question before, and what do you think?

35:21 – Duncan’s answer to this question. He has only used Vue for medium-sized applications. But...for larger sized projects, then “yes” it could be complicated. It doesn’t matter what framework you use, because it’s “large” no matter what application you decide to use.

36:44 – Statistic given.

37:25 – Large-scale applications.

37:32 – Duncan talks about other criticisms from the blog post.

40:02 – What people are really getting at is that they want stability to keep it around for the foreseeable future.

41:00 – If Evan were to get hit by a bus...

42:52 – Everyone wants Vue to succeed and it’s a joint effort.

44:36 – Question to Duncan: “Getting back to your post. I am curious, what do you see is next for you? What are the next blog topics?”

45:00 – Duncan shares his thoughts on his next blog topics, such as: “Vue doesn’t have to be that scary...”

46:40 – It’s good that you point that out, because a lot of time we do things that are interesting to us, but if it isn’t interesting to the readers, then it wont’ go far.

47:05 – Like video games!

47:25 – Question to Duncan: “What are your personal challenges of advanced concepts as you were making the transition?”

47:53 – Duncan: “Interesting question, because Vue was easier for me. One small thing was the radioactivity that I had to learn.”

48:54 – Understanding patterns.

51:27 – The essential concepts in Vue, you can check that out. Want to make sure that people can get through that on their free day. New applications can be learned, and how to build on their Saturday afternoon. Going through all of their applications that quickly.

52:08 – Duncan: “You don’t have to invest in multiple days to learn Vue.”

53:57 – Let’s go to picks!

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54:37 – Picks! 




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