Episode 40

VoV 041: Mastermind Groups and Staying Current with Sean Merron


December 11th, 2018

1 hr 9 mins 45 secs

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Aaron Frost
  • Shai Reznik   
  • Divya Sasidharan
  • Joe Eames
  • Lucas Reis

Special Guest: Sean Merron

In this episode, The panelist of View on Vue, Adventure In Angular, React Round-Up, Ruby Rogues, and JavaScript Jabber speaks with Sean Merron about Mastermind Groups of Startups and much more. Sean is the founder of today's topic and product “Mastermind Hunt.” This product is design to skillfully find a mastermind to take your business and skills to the next level.

Show Topics:

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3:00 – Webinar announcement January 3rd, 2p EST.

4:10 - Sean talks about the importance of a Mastermind and his evolvement in Mastermind groups. Sean breakdowns what exactly what a mastermind is about.

6:10 - Charles ask the panelist if they have engaged in Masterminds. Shai talks about his experience and seeing one-sidedness in Masterminds. Sean talks about how to avoid this issue and staying on track. Sean shares on how to keep the meeting moving forward and meet accountability tasks.

10:10 - Joe asks about examples of chatting on topics with co-workers and how is this different from masterminds. And how to keep topics on track. Sean provides using the round robin method to give each person a chance to bring their needs to the table. Sean talks about how developers share advice and topics in Masterminds.

14:43 -  Charles shares about how this works in using exercise workbooks as a group and who the rotation works for the hot seat. Sean explains that this is used to find others at your same level to help one another.

16:50 - Shai ask about the benefits of mastermind, but how can we integrate higher level issues among a group. Sean shares a story about meeting and benefits of networking in Masterminds. Sean and Chuck continue with the power of networking among these types of groups.

22:00 -  Charles talks about the complexity of personal issues. Shai asks about how to build a mastermind. Sean gives examples of formats and schedule, number of people, and how to conduct successfully. Sean gives examples of technologies to use to help conduct masterminds, like Facebook groups, Skype, Zoom.  Sean explains how this led to building  mastermindhunt.com

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27:00 -  Charles talks about how he did a lunch meetup as a mastermind. Lucas gives examples of guilds in his job. Lucas explains the guilds and how this works among the software development team. Lucas shares about presenting in a guild. Lucas says this is great for accountability and success.

30:00 -  Sean asks about the size or how many people are in the guild. Lucas mentions that if you do not understand something, bring it to the guild. Sean mentions how this could help shy people and build trust. Sean talks about “Friend D A”

34:00 -  Charles again talks about that BrownBag lunch mastermind. Charles talks about how to keep masterminds on track and not a chatfest. Joe asks about the accountability goals. Sean talks about how this works in Mastermind Hunt.  Sean gives an example of how to keep people accountable in fun ways.

37:00 -  Shai talks about having to shave his head when he was not meeting accountability goals.  Sean continues about respecting people’s time and keeping on topic with hot seat questions.

39:00 -  Shai asks about how to approach people who are not meeting goals and take-up to much time. Sean says the person with the best relationship should approach the person before they have to bump them out of the mastermind spot.

42:00 - Charles tells talks about EntreProgrammers as a mastermind and the freeform style of the format. Charles talks about leaving the group if it is not meeting your value needs.

44:00 - Sean talks about the introduction and application programs to enter into a mastermind. Lucas talks about diminishing quality of a mastermind, and how he up the quality of engaging in a way that heightens the program. Sean shares more about the initial attitude of the person who starts the meeting.

49:00 -  Divya ask about those who are not hitting their goals, but how do you keep them engaged without leaving the group. Sean mentions breaking down the goals or creates achievable goals. Sean talks about figuring out the organization and finding out where the issues are at, that might be the problem to hitting goals.

51:00 - Divya ask about how enthusiasm can diminish about how to keep that from happening in Masterminds. Sean says you have to be consistent with your goals and make it fun.

55:00 - Shai gives a quick recap of masterminds. Shai asks about how to rotate the hot seat. Sean gives a webinar link for mastermindhunt.com/devchat on January 3rd, 2 pm EST.

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