Episode 59

VoV 060: Our Least Favorite Parts of Vue with An Phan and Thorsten Lunborg


May 7th, 2019

1 hr 24 mins 49 secs

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  • Chris Fritz
  • Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guests: Thorsten Lunborg and An Phan

Episode Summary

Thorsten Lunborg and An Phan are both members of the VueJS core team. This episode of Views on Vue has the panelists talking about things that they dislike about Vue and cool features coming to Vue 3. Vue 3 will see a replaced reactivity system, migration guide and a migration helper, changes to component styling, adding listeners will be made more explicit, and the Native modifier will be removed. The panel discusses mixins and hooks and how those features will be improved in Vue 3. They also discuss difficulties using Vmode.

One of the major changes to Vue 3 will be in the language and terminology. Right now, there are often multiple terms for the same feature. The panel discusses how the ambiguity of terminology and how the overlap between tech words and real life words can be confusing. This ambiguity makes it difficult to translate the terms into other languages, especially if there isn’t a direct translation.


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