Episode 66

VoV 067: Organizing VueConf Toronto with Jilson Thomas


June 25th, 2019

53 mins 9 secs

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  • Ben Hong

  • Chris Fritz

Joined by Special Guest: Jilson Thomas


Jilson Thomas shares how he got started in vue. He gives the origin story of vuejobs and explains how it is different from other job sites. The panel praises Jilson’s work with VueConf Toronto and asks him about his experience organizing it. Jilson shares feedback from conference attendees. The panel wonders why conferences cost so much and Jilson explains what cost goes into organizing a conference. Jilson shares some of the road bumps from the conference and what he would have done differently. VueConf Toronto 2019 is discussed; Jislon shares what he has planned for that conference. 



Jilson Thomas:

Ben Hong:

  • New Orleans

  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Chris Fritz: