Episode 7

VoV 007: Testing Vue.js with Cypress with Gleb Bahmutov


April 17th, 2018

1 hr 5 mins 3 secs

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Joe Eames
  • Erik Hanchett
  • Chris Fritz

Special Guests: Gleb Bahmutov

In this episode of Views on Vue, the panelists discuss testing Vue.js with Cypress with Gleb Bahmutov. Gleb runs engineering at a small startup called Cypress, which is an end to end test runner.  They talk about what Cypress is, what end to end testing is, and the importance of test driven development. They also touch on the different Cypress features and how using it can help save you time in your testing.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Gleb intro
  • What is Cypress?
  • Selenium
  • Writing and running unit tests is easy, but could lead to problems
  • You don’t want to waste too much of your time writing tests
  • Test by need not by choice
  • Cypress as a more reliable and easier test runner
  • What is end to end testing?
  • What kinds of testing can Cypress be used for?
  • Deployed systems
  • Test driven development
  • Cypress provides a good testing environment
  • Like the Cypress environment
  • Cypress features
  • Cypress runs in Chrome or Electron browser
  • Are there times when you might want to do something framework specific in Cypress?
  • Vue.js
  • Test the dashboard using Cypress
  • Creating a mock API
  • Keep your end to end tests fast
  • And much, much more!








  • Service Workers in Safari
  • Renovate App
  • Will be in Copenhagen, Denmark next month