Episode 93

VoV 093: Vuetensils with Austin Gil


December 31st, 2019

47 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, the panel interviews Austin Gil, author of Vuetensils. Austin begins by explaining that Vuetensils is and why he wrote it. Vuetensils is a UI library filled with naked components that make it easy to build accessible apps. The panel explains that it is not as opinionated as other libraries making it easy to style yourself. 

The panel discusses the need for accessibility and how painful it can be to write accessible apps. Austin explains that developers are what make accessibility hard. The web was designed to be accessible but incorporating design and style complicates it. Austins shares some of the components in Vuetensil and what they do for your app. 

Vuetensils, Austin explains is designed to be as out of the way as possible while still giving you what you need. He explains how it differs from libraries like Vuetify and Bootstrap, with these tools you get everything. Vuetensils makes you choose the components you want, forcing you to stay lightweight. Vuetensils is ideal for small projects where you don’t need a lot of UI components. 

Finally, the panel discusses the testing of Vuetensils. Austin explains that the library is still young and that he is still working on testing. He explains his plans for the future of Vuetensils and what it will take to get to a version 1 release. The panel discusses how to get started with Vuetensils and how to support it. 


  • Charles Max Wood

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  • Austin Gil


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  • CacheFly

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