Episode 94

VoV 094: Head to Toe Development Set Up


January 7th, 2020

1 hr 44 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of Views on Vue the panel shares what their set-ups look like. They start by discussing IDE and text editors. Most of them use VScode for their setups but they like to use others when they need them. The panelist list some of their favorite plugins, Vetur, Prettier, Vue peeks, NPM, word counters, and spell checkers. They talk about Vue CLI and other CLIs they use. 


Next, they talk about what machines they are all using. Most are currently using a Mac Book Pro. They discuss the pros and cons of using Mac products. Charles Max Wood talks about the desktop he built and how his next computer will be a PC. They consider Linux on Windows. They also compare Linux and Mac. Source code and deployment are discussed as well. 


They finish by sharing the physical set-ups in their offices. They discuss furniture, how many monitors they use, how big their monitors are and the tools that make their day more comfortable. They discuss the merits of sitting and standing while working. Desk treadmills are considered. They also talk about working at home compared to working from the office. 


  • Charles Max Wood

  • Devlin Duldulao 

  • Lindsay Wardell

  • Steve Edwards


  • Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan

  • CacheFly



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